About Rachel, freelance graphic and web designer in Brooklyn, NY

CREAMINTA- art and design by Rachel Levin was created in 2009. We help people and small businesses be seen by creating exciting promotional materials and websites for their products. The process of creating design work for any client is hugely collaborative. I speak with each client and get a detailed idea of what they want and we proceed from there. Client work is primarily dictated based on the client’s style preferences, and ideas about how they want a certain product to look. My goals are to make sure you know all the options available to you, to make sure your product is up to date and beautiful, and most importantly, to make sure that you are satisfied!


318meI am a freelance graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I graduated from The Pratt Institute of Art and Design in 2008 with a BFA in Graphic Design. My specialties include graphic design, web design, photography and photo retouching. Creating anything from flyers to T-shirts, business cards to book covers, PowerPoint presentations to websites and so much more, I thrive on a challenge and producing original designs. I have helped clients of all ages and professions create targeted and beautiful promotional materials for their business or personal needs. I easily adapt to my clients’ personalities and combine art with professionalism to realize the work of your dreams.

Please contact me for your free consultation to discuss a design idea in need of a creative boost or simply to get a price quote for an upcoming project. I look forward to hearing from you – thanks for stopping by!

Artist Bio 

Freelance graphic designer, Rachel LevinGenetically Chilean with the heart of an artist, the soul of a Jew and the mind of a feminist, it’s no wonder I chose to live and create in the inspiringly diverse borough of Brooklyn for the past ten years. I’ve lived all over the world and have discovered that, despite how different a culture seems, the true values of humanity are a constant. I love to learn about people and ask questions about their lifestyles, always taking a stand for myself and those I believe deserve to be heard. My lovely, bizarre background serves as the foundation for a multicultural point of view and way of life with the end goal of fostering global understanding and unity. My art strives to battle ignorance – to normalize needlessly controversial topics and social issues through awareness and engagement. Hoping to remain a student and teacher of life, I welcome your findings and questions.

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